When I was working at UNI_VERSE Studio, Stedelijk Museum asked us to create an Augmented Reality layer on top of the outdoor campaign of the new Nam June Paik exhibition, previously at the Tate Modern London and Museum San Fransisco. 

The exhibition brings together some of Paik's iconic works. A prominent installation from the Stedelijk collection is TV-Buddha (1974), in which an 18th-century wooden Buddha appears to ‘watch’ itself on modern television, and typifies the influence of (Zen) Buddhist philosophies on Paik’s approach to art and technology. Also on view is TV garden (1974-77), an installation with TV sets alongside living plants. Paik imagined a futuristic landscape where technology is an integral part of the natural world. We brought to live in AR the iconic TV Garden on the Museumplein, in the central hall and the TV Buddha on flyers. People could scan the QR code which brings you to the Instagram filter, scan the poster and the art appears.

We also created ︎︎︎several promotional videos for social.
FIELD: 3D/Motion/AR
CLIENT: Stedelijk Museum (at UNI_VERSE)
Stedelijk Museum
Interim Marketing Director: Natalie Bos
Content Manager: Femke Pijls
Traffic Coördinator: Merel de Zeeuw
AD: Ines Cox

CD: Jeff Beukema
3D/AR Artists: Terence de Vries, Ruolan Xi (Una),
Isabelle Udo
Executive Producer: Daan Schraauwers