DIGITAL-SELF Transformation and metaphor  
Our digital-self seems always trying to 'help' us. They seem to know us better than ourselves from what we want, what we like to define who we are. But unfortunately, we have little visibility into who is they truly are. We don’t know what they are doing or to whom they belong to. Thanks to all the convenience from them, but at the same time we will always live in the filter bubble we created by ourselves. How can we define the relationship between ourselves and the digital-selves? Or are they getting too close to each other that created the role confusion, we are not able to define them anymore?

I am dissatisfied with the mirrored self the algorithm provides to me, but I cannot find myself outside of mirroring.

I want to create a paradox, and an ambiguous environment triggers the audience to think simultaneously about the initiative and passive, physical and virtual environment, self and digital-self. During the research, I found that the reCAPTCHA is a corresponding agent between humans, technology and consumption.

There are three layers in the video.
① The faces are the representation of the three versions of CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA. 
② The faces represent digital-self and the mirrored self.
③ The tubes are the representation of technology services. 


FILED: 3D/Motion
CLIENT: Self-initiated
Sound design: Murat Otunc/MII

 Avatars and digital images (2018)

Authentication (2018)