MondayOFF ISSUE #1 (2019)
MondayOFF is a creative brand focusing on the self-publication of zines and artist’s books, as well as the organization of themed exhibitions, workshops, and lectures under their sub-brand Mondayitis.

In original, curated publications, MondayOFF highlights the ever-changing boundaries of urban society, juggling the popular yet mundane, the relaxed and the anxiety stricken, our cities’ fringe issues and the public’s consensus.

Each issue of the magazine portraits popular trends and communities existing thanks to the internet. These realities are, for the people belonging to them, an escape from “a tough Monday”. Monday is the beginning of the week and like every time you start doing something, you are supposed to be refreshed and energetic. Instead, Monday is going back to work, saying goodbye to your long waited weekend and struggle to the end of the day. Take your Monday Off and escape this never-ending loop. The visual material that comes out from these communities well reflects nowadays social media visual cultures. Thousands of memes taking references from every corner of pop culture and cute animals gifs and videos are almost always roughly crafted with very basic tools.
FIELD: Art direction/Print
CLIENT: MondayOFF Magzine(CN)
Editor: Bi Xin, Ye Funa
AD/Graphic design with Marco Dalle Fratte
Photography: Dai Cheng