APPROVEMENT Authentication (2018)
When i trying to login my account one day, the reCAPTCHA verification pop up which makes me feel odd. Am I behave like a bot rather than a human online defined by a bot? I begin to dive deeper into this issue. In the end, I found out that the answer from the user doesn’t matter. The self-adjusting program determines if you are human by monitoring how you interact with the content on the page before and after you click.

I visualized the process of verification in physical space by Max 8. The screen flash ground as the metaphor of bluescreen. With red lines moving up and down, scanning the users walking over it. There are 5 random spots with the interaction of a virtual 3D bodies (bot) pop up when the user is passing by. The contrast between the physical body over the virtual ones represented the ironic phenomenon that how human be defined if they are real or not by the algorithm. Moreover, the thin and fragile defense the traumatic threat of identity theft gives way to the labor of proving that you are not yet a machine.

Field: Interaction design
Client: Self-initiated

Transformation and metaphor

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